Why your first online impression actually matters more than you realize

What’s the first thing we all do after we meet someone?




We Google them.

And that first online impression is worth a lot of money.

It’s worth leads and inbound revenue.

It’s worth referral partnerships.

It’s worth PR opportunities.

But the vast majority of CEOs are missing out on it.

Let’s say you run a B2B company:

You meet someone interesting at a conference. Or a Zoom virtual event.

After you’re done talking, they look you up online.

What do they see?

Valuable articles on industry trends that show your expertise and experience?

Or… nothing?

The podcast you host interviewing industry leaders?

Or… nothing?

Let me ask you this:

→ Who’d you rather give your money to?

→ Who’d you be more confident sending your referrals to?

You wouldn’t go to a conference without brushing your teeth or taking a shower.

But you’re giving that same impression online. For now, at least.

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