Why we should keep our egos in check as B2B CEOs when it comes to content

Content marketers and B2B CEOs:

Let’s not let our ego stop us from getting results.

This is a (very weird) conversation I had with a prospect last night:

Let me start with this:

I get it.

I get we all want to get millions of views on our content.

We want to get thousands of followers.

We want to be recognized as experts.

And numbers do matter.

So that’s how we measure success.

But here’s the problem:

Views. Likes. Shares.

They don’t pay rent.

Or make payroll.

Only cash does.

So next time you put out a piece of content.

Instead of feeling intimidated because you didn’t get many views.

Instead of stopping all content because you’re not famous yet.


You only need 1.

You only need *the right* 1 view.

To sign a 6 figure deal.

To build a referral partnership.

To be invited to that podcast you had eyed.

You’re just one view away.

Results > ego.

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