Why do people give a f*ck about D2C and not B2B

Why do we only give a f*ck about D2C brands???

Adidas, Apple, Spotify…

Can B2B brands ever reach the same status?

D2C brands help their customers identify and care so much for them.

Enough so that you feel like they really care about you and that you’re a part of them:

→ I only wear Nike basketball shoes because my favorite players use Nike.

→ I only use Head & Shoulders Shampoo because they sponsor my favorite soccer player.

→ I don’t see myself ever getting a phone that isn’t an iPhone.

What can we do in B2B to produce that same effect?

The way I see it, it’s hard for people to care about a company like Influence Podium.

We’re a thought leadership content marketing agency -- we’re “boring.”

So... don’t focus on the company.

Focus on the individuals behind it.

Put your CEO and their personal brand at the forefront of your marketing strategy.

Involve the rest of your leadership team and employees in content creation.

Have them share their own stories.

That way, when your target audience looks at your company…

...they won’t think of just a plain, faceless logo.

They’ll think of relatable individuals.

And you’ll be giving them the chance to finally have an emotional connection with you.

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