The three types of content you should be creating as a B2B company

Most B2B companies only create one type of content.

And they’re missing out on the other 2 types… which actually bring the most revenue

Here’s how we change this:

Look, content is like dating.

You wouldn’t give a ring to a stranger on a first date.

And you wouldn’t take your long-term girlfriend to Paris and not propose (trust me).

Different stages require different actions from you, right?

Same thing with content:

Each stage of the sales process needs different types of content.

→ TOP of the funnel:

Your goal is to generate attention.

Linkedin, Twitter, podcasts, SEO, etc. are where you’ll focus.

This is what most companies focus on, but it doesn’t stop here...

→ MIDDLE of the funnel:

Your goal is to nurture leads and build intent.

Focus on webinars, white papers, case studies, use cases, long-form guides...

→ BOTTOM of the funnel:

Your goal is to accelerate the deal cycle and increase conversion rate.

Use testimonials, pitch decks, more case studies, etc.

At the end of the day,

We just have to be empathetic to how B2B buyers want the sales process to look like.

And help provide the best buying experience that they --not us-- want.

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