Optimizing for the right metrics in B2B

You get whatever you optimize for.

Optimize for the wrong things, and you’ll get inadequate results.

Optimize your marketing for volume of leads:

→ get a lot of leads (that aren’t qualified and need a bunch of SDRs to follow up)

Optimize your content for views:

→ get a lot of views (that aren’t your audience and just enjoyed your platitudes)

You’re incentivizing your team to go after the wrong objectives.

What are (some of) the end-all be-all metrics that we as B2B CEOs care about?

Revenue generated.

Sales cycle.

Conversion rate.

So let’s reverse-engineer that -- what needs to happen to improve here?

IMO, we need to have people that:

1) are aware of us as a company

2) they think our solution can help

3) have shown real intent to move forward

And to get there, we need to have a great content + distribution strategy.

Just my $0.02 on how what we measure as a company defines the actions we take and, eventually, the results we get.

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