One of the biggest content marketing mistakes I see B2B companies make

One of the biggest content marketing mistakes I see B2B companies make:

(and damn, it pisses me off…)

We all know how important content marketing is to drive demand generation and inbound revenue.

And it makes me so happy to see more B2B companies investing in it.

But what I hate to see (and it happens over and over again) is this:

Let’s say you start a podcast.

Or you do long-form video content.

Or you hire a ghostwriter to create written content.

Then you publish this macro-content on Spotify, Youtube, or your Blog.

And then?

You... forget about them, hoping people will watch it.

Instead, your goal should be to get the most value out of that content.

How do you do that?

By repurposing into smaller pieces of content for all social media platforms.

A few examples:

• Cut the best 1-min video highlights and put them on LinkedIn and Instagram.

• Take the best quotes of the articles and put them on Twitter.

• Use 3-4 paragraphs and rewrite them for LinkedIn.

Not everyone wants to commit 30 min of their time to listen to your podcast or read your articles.

But they’ll be open to a “1-min date” of microcontent.

So make sure you’re getting the most juice out of your oranges.

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