Networking VS leveraging content


Are relationships and referrals your best-performing new business channels?

If so, here’s what you should be asking yourself:

> How do you scale them? <

I know…

It seems impossible to scale “building relationships.”

They’re high-touch and take time...

And how the hell do you scale referrals?

You’re right.

But that’s exactly why it is important you build your personal brand.

Because outside of these “celebrity gurus”...

your personal brand is simply your reputation, at scale.

It’s the digitization of word-of-mouth.

So if you want to:

→ Generate brand awareness to the market

→ Build personal relationships and grow your network

→ Stay top of mind with referral partners (and create new ones)

→ Drive inbound opportunities for your business

You can either:

1) Go to a thousand meetups, attend all conferences, and cold email people for coffee...

2) Or you can create content that adds value, build an audience, and let them seek you out

It’s your choice.

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