How to use social media to scale networking as a B2B CEO through content

The best B2B CEOs I’ve met know one thing:

There’s no better way to drive new business than building real relationships.

So, how do you use social media to scale networking?

Over the last month, I’ve had great conversations with 20+ incredible CEOs.

Some will be clients.

Some will be referral partners.

And some will be great friends.

I’m a young, first-time founder doing business (and learning) from the best of the best.

They should not spend 60min talking with me.

So why do they do it?

Because of my content.

Great example:

My podcast is the best “networking excuse” to connect with key decision-makers in my field.

It’s a win-win.

They get exposure and content. I get a relationship.

But also my LinkedIn content:

It’s easy to get a meeting when they can check your profile and see you know what you’re doing.

Or they see my content, and they reach out to chat themselves.

Content is the best way to network:

It’s organic. It’s value-first. And it’s relationship-based.

PS. That’s what personal branding is all about -- your reputation, at scale.

Not what the gurus of the world make it seem it is.

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