How I stopped trying to become a “good salesman” and instead doubled down on who I am

“I am just not a good salesman.”

I remember telling my bud John this on one of our late-night calls.

I was shaking and SO frustrated, because…

well, as the CEO and the only person responsible for new business,

the survival of my company depends on my ability to sell.

“No, you are not. You suck at it.” -- he replied.

Thanks, John. Making me feel sooo much better.

“But you don’t have to be. That’s not who you are. You’re YOU.” -- he continued.

And then, something clicked.

He’s right.

I’m not Grant Cardone.

I’m not the Wolf of Wall Street.

I can’t sell ice to eskimos.

I am Marti Sanchez.

And I create content to help my target audience.

I join sales calls with the goal of adding value -- not selling.

I have a consultative approach -- not a sell-at-all-costs approach.

I work with the B2B CEOs that actually need what we do -- not seeing everyone as a $.

Once I doubled down on MY strengths…

Once I felt more comfortable on my skin…

That’s when I became happier… and when my business grew the most.

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