How B2B companies alienate their markets (and how to avoid this)

You’re alienating 99.9% of your market.

And what’s worst, you’re calling it a “success.”

Here where I see so many B2B companies are truly messing up:

Look, cold outreach can work.

I’m a content marketer, but even I use it sometimes.

The problem is this:

The vast majority of B2B CEOs and marketers use cold outreach wrong.

They’re professional spammers:

• Automated messages.

• Mass sent to thousands.

• With generic, salesy copy.

• Hoping that one fish catches the bait.

They’re playing the numbers game.

And let’s say they do close one client for every 1,000 emails.

They’d throw a party and call it a successful campaign.

But really look at what you’re doing:

You’ve now wasted the relationship with 999 potential buyers.

Given them a horrible buying experience.

And when they’re ready to buy, they’ll remember that shitty email you sent them.

Or they won’t refer you when someone comes to them looking for your solution.

• If you’re doing cold outreach: hyper-personalize it.

Make it a positive (or at least neutral) experience.

• And if you want to give them a great experience:

focus on content and giving value to generate inbound revenue.

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