3 ways to make your B2B content more fun and engaging

Most B2B content puts me to sleep better than my nightly Nyquil-Vodka.

I get it. You want to sound professional, whatever that means.

But everyone does too -- and it’s boring.

Here’s 3 ways to change that:

When we think about great content, we think about DTC.

We think about fast food companies having beef (pun intended) on Twitter.

But does that mean that us in B2B need to be so bland and “meh”?

I refuse to believe that.

But in what ways should we change?

1. Don’t sound like an 85-year-old English professor

Simplify the language in your content and make it easy for your audience to understand.

2. Don’t hide behind the “my industry is too technical”

That’s a good thing!

Means your competitors aren’t creating engaging content either.

If you figure out a way to make it enjoyable (and there always is), you’ll stand out even more.

3. Stand for something and accept some risk

Is there a risk to creating content outside your comfort zone? Yes.

But is there risk in NOT doing it and your competitors taking advantage? Oh yes.

4. Use the personal brand of your CEO

There’s no better way to make your B2B brand human than having a human share it.

No one cares about the faceless entity your company is.

They care about you, the CEO, and your storytelling.

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