3 things all B2B CEOs should keep in mind about their prospects

Hey, I will buy your B2B services whenever (the f**k) I want to.

And no amount of spammy, automated emails with fake urgency will change that.

Here’s what you can do instead to help me choose you vs. your competitor:

1 - Be empathetic and don’t pressure me.

No one impulsive buys their way to a $5k+ retainer.

You buy t-shirts like that, not B2B solutions.

I’ll buy when I’m ready, and you need to understand that.

The key here is: when I’m ready, who will be top of mind?

2 - Remember that I’m selfish.

All I care about is what you can do for me.

Educate me.

Give me stuff that actually helps me.

Make me feel special and that you care.

Build a relationship with me (and don’t automate your outreach).

3 - Be consistent with your content.

To think about you, I need to remember you.

To remember you, you need to leave an impression.

But one time won’t do.

I need to see your name over and over again.

And I want to associate it to the value you give me every time.

At its most basic, this is all about shifting from transactional to human.

And selling to others like you’d like to be sold to.

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