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Jeff Epstein is improving SaaS' customer experience and retention problems with He also ran Ambassador, an INC 500 company until it was acquired in 2018.

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Who is Jeff Epstein?

He is the founder of which is a SaaS made specifically for customer implementation to automate, optimize & create the perfect journey for every customer and enabling companies to manage the perfect onboarding process.

Jeff was previously the founder of Ambassador for over 9 years, the world's number 1 referral tracking, attribution and management platform for businesses. Ambassador was recognized by INC as one of the 500 fastest-growing companies in the USA and they were acquired in 2018.

Jeff is a lifelong entrepreneur and a 2011 NYC TechStar graduate. He's been through the ups and downs of running, scaling, and selling a business and he's excited to share great value to your audience as well as his mission with

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What Your Audience Could Learn...

topic #1

What makes a great Customer Success team and how to build one

How important is your Customer Success team, really? To Jeff, extremely. He differentiates between proactive and reactive Customer Success, and why it's important to have this team from Day 1. He also can share with your audience how to measure the ROI of your CS team, which can be a challenge.

topic #2

How to build and perfect your onboarding process

Jeff can talk about what are the most common areas that SaaS companies can improve their onboarding process, and the reason why founders need to invest in these best practices. He can alsoget very tactical on how to personalize the onboarding for best results and how costly not doing it can be.

topic #3

How, when and why to sell your SaaS business

Before starting, Jeff started, scaled, and sold Ambassador - the #1 referral tracking management platform. After being acquired in  2018, Jeff can share how to know when is the right time to sell, experience-based negotiation tips, and get very honest about the emotional load that comes with it.

topic #4

From online poker to running a 2x INC 5000 SaaS company

When Jeff Epstein was in law school, he made enough money in online poker to pay off his sizable student loan debt—but not by gambling--, by creating an affiliate company. How did he go from law student and Poker-entrepreneur to 2x Inc 5000 and a big exit? He can tell your audience all about it.

topic #5

Back to back: lessons learned going into Jeff's second startup is not Jeff's first rodeo. What are some of the lessons that he would tell himself (and your audience) in the earlier days? From who / how to hire or how to get repeating customers, to how to run a "fat" startup or how to adjust based on market feedback, Jeff has plenty of lessons to share.

topic #6

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