Turn your thoughts into thought leadership

20+ Satisfied B2B CEOs

We help B2B CEOs scale their voice and thinking throughout your company’s content marketing efforts.

What we do:

We help B2B CEOs create + distribute thought leadership content that helps your demand generation pipeline. 

Step 1

Discovery, content audit, and diagnostic

  • Boutique model: we only take on perfect fit clients
  • Audit of you current marketing efforts
  • Proposed content and thought leadership strategy

Step 2

Onboarding and content strategy

  • Assigned Brand Manager for strategy and project management
  • Set logistics and communication channels
  • Brand Deep Dive and Kick Off

Step 3

Strategy execution and data-driven iterations

  • Content-extraction interviews
  • Content creation and distribution
  • 3. We use data to make iterations and adjust strategy

What You'll Get

A tailor-fit content model that creates synergistic impact on New Business Revenue and overall brand equity.

Package #1


Leverage your CEO's LinkedIn audience to drive thought leadership content on organic social to support demand gen.

  • 4x video posts on LinkedIn / week
  • Repurposed for Twitter
  • Advanced LinkedIn Analytics
  • 1h of interview time / month
Package #3


Used as a business development tool to build 1-1 connections with champions within key prospect accounts.

  • 2-4 episodes per month
  • Video / audio edited and produced
  • Repurposed to social content
  • 2-4 add. promotional posts
Package #2


Add resources to your blog and SEO strategy to create content for high-intent keywords and core articles.

  • SEO Keyword Reseach
  • 2-4 1,000-word Articles / month
  • SEO-Optimized
  • 1h of interview time / month

The Benefits Of Influence Podium

What our clients are seeing

By leveraging our team and executing a tailor-fit thought leadership program, this is what you should expect over time.

Generate Inbound Opportunities

Create valuable content to bring awareness and inbound revenue.

Shorten Your Sales Cycles

Bring warm leads that already trust you and your company.

Increase Your Win Rate

Use the trust equity your content generates to close more deals.

Lower Your CAC

Grow your brand and reduce the cost of acquiring new customers.

Find Channel Partners At Scale

Have channel partners find you and build win-win relationships.

Build A Targeted Audience

User your audience to reach and nurture relevant prospects.


We don’t kiss and tell.
But our clients do.

We’ve worked with 20+ B2B CEOs. Here’s what they have to say:

Anthony Tumbiolo

INC 5000

Influence Podium has really changed the game. If you're a B2B CEO, they'll help you create thought leadership content at scale while vastly limiting the time you have to invest in it and having a positive ROI.

Jim Small

CEO of Sante

In just 3 months, they have created effective Linked In content that has boosted my engagement rate by 100% and my followers by 200%

Noah Rosenfarb

CEO of Freedom Advisors

I'm already generating an ROI. Influence Podium helps leverage my team and create great content while saving me time.

Founder Profile

We've changed B2B Thought Leadership:

Old World: You need PR to reach your audience and create trust.

New World: You leverage content to build a community and earn that trust.

Old World: CEOs don’t talk to the market, only the company does.

New World: CEOs are the face of the company and lead the content strategy.

Old World: One whitepaper and one ebook a quarter is our content strategy.

New World: We create 30+ pieces of content a month through social, blogs, and podcasting.

Old World: Views and engagement rate is all we measure content on.

New World: New Business Revenue is our goal, content helps fuel that.

Want to join us in this New World? Let’s talk.

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