20+ Satisfied B2B CEOs

Turn your thoughts into thought leadership

Build your brand by getting placed on relevant podcasts and create high-quality content that makes the most of your time.

How It Works

Our easy 3-step-process helps B2B CEOs get booked on podcasts their target audience listens to and use those episodes to be repurposed into content for LinkedIn or Twitter to drive inbound. 

Step 1

On-boarding & custom podcast research

  • 1. Streamlined onboarding process
  • 2. Personal Brand Manager
  • 3. Custom research podcast (50+ shows)

Step 2

Podcast Placements

  • 1. Podcast placement is achieved
  • 2. We manage all logistics
  • 3. You reach the host's audience

Step 3

LinkedIn or Twitter Content Repurposing

  • 1. Episode is repurposed into social content
  • 2. You review and approve
  • 3. We manage publishing on your socials

The Benefits Of Influence Podium

What our clients are seeing

By leveraging the host’s audience and building your own through the content this is what you should expect over time.

Generate Inbound Opportunities

Create valuable content to bring awareness and inbound revenue.

Shorten Your Sales Cycles

Bring warm leads that already trust you and your company.

Increase Your Win Rate

Use the trust equity your content generates to close more deals.

Lower Your CAC

Grow your brand and reduce the cost of acquiring new customers.

Find Channel Partners At Scale

Have channel partners find you and build win-win relationships.

Build A Targeted Audience

User your audience to reach and nurture relevant prospects.

What You'll Get

Multiple booked podcast interviews + a full LinkedIn / Twitter content strategy with only 90min of your time per month.

Package #1


Ideal for agency owners looking to get started as podcast guests and content creation.

  • 2 Booked Interviews Per Month
  • LinkedIn or Twitter Content
  • Dedicated Brand Manager
  • Monthly Analytics Report
Package #2


ideal for agency owners with experience as podcasts guests and content creation.

  • 4 Booked Interviews Per Month
  • LinkedIn or Twitter Content
  • Dedicated Brand Manager
  • Monthly Analytics Report

Not our first rodeo

As an B2B CEO, no matter what your topic of expertise is, we’ll find the right podcasts for you. Here are some we’ve booked our clients on.

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We don’t kiss and tell.
But our clients do.

We’ve worked with 20+ B2B CEOs. Here’s what they have to say:

Anthony Tumbiolo

INC 5000

Influence Podium has really changed the game. If you're a B2B CEO, they'll help you create thought leadership content at scale while vastly limiting the time you have to invest in it and having a positive ROI.

Jim Small

CEO of Sante

In just 3 months, they have created effective Linked In content that has boosted my engagement rate by 100% and my followers by 200%

Noah Rosenfarb

CEO of Freedom Advisors

I'm already generating an ROI. Influence Podium helps leverage my team and create great content while saving me time.

Founder Profile

Are you an #InboundCEO?

Hello -- my name is Marti and I’m the Founder and CEO of Influence Podium.

If you’re reading this, you’ve probably read either my LinkedIn or Twitter content, you’ve listened to the podcast I host, and/or you’ve seen me as a guest on a podcast.

I am an Inbound CEO. And you can be too.

Inbound CEOs are founders/CEOs that represent their company’s brand, create thought leadership content to drive new business, attract A-talent, create channel partnerships, and reduce CAC while increasing win rates for their whole organization.

I started this company with the belief that B2B CEOs were missing out on this opportunity. By being a client of my own agency, we drove $500k/year in inbound revenue in 18 months. And we’re doing the same thing for 20+ agency owners.

Want to be an Inbound CEO too? Let’s talk.

Worth a conversation?

Interested in our podcast booking + content service? Anything else you think we might be able to help with? Let’s chat and see if we’re a fit.